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    Top 10 Lipscomb events in the last ten years

    Lumination Network mockup for archival pieces.

    10. Madagascar President Visits Marc Ravalomanana, president of the Republic of Madagascar, visited Lipscomb and spoke to an arena full of university and K-12 students, along with faculty and staff. Afterward, he met with local business leaders and Randy Lowry to discuss the program created to allow selected Malagasi students to study at Lipscomb University. 9. Kaia Jergenson Fundraiser Diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis, Kaia’s story impacted Lipscomb deeply. Lipscomb students organized a round-the-clock prayer vigil. Within two months, the school raised 130,000 for her cause. After five months of therapy, Kaia walked out of the student center fitted with two prosthetic legs and addressed 2,000 of her fellow students. 8.…