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Impact 360 seeks to maximize not expand campus as enrollment increases 

Lipscomb University has broken the record for biggest freshman class for the past three fall semesters, and the University hopes to continue that streak. 

In August of 2022, the university unveiled its plan to keep itself on track in alignment with growth. You might see the words “Impact 360” on binders, posters, the Lipscomb website and more. Impact 360 is the name of this plan. 

As total enrollment and undergraduate enrollment continue to climb it would seem physical expansion is imminent. But it isn’t in the cards just yet.  

Byron Lewis is the vice president for enrollment management at Lipscomb. He spoke about our projected growth and the root of Impact 360. “As we continue to have good retention numbers, as we continue to produce over 700 freshmen every year and transfer students in the 175 to 200 range each fall depending on the year, we’ll start seeing our numbers increase to hopefully around 3300 students over the next five to seven years for undergrad,” said Lewis 

As the student body grows, and more students live on campus, concern for space has become more pressing. Impact 360 doesn’t specifically address that.  

“I think longer term, if we were to grow the residential population here, we would have to think about a new residence hall or some sort of additional capacity to existing residence halls,” said Lewis, “Growing enrollment is definitely a part of Impact 360, but in terms of residence halls, that’s further down the road,” Lewis said. 

“The focus of Impact 360 is a much more foundational plan,” he said, “Impact 360 is much more about, let’s make sure we are in a good situation fiscally, a good situation in terms of campus planning… and the academic piece as well. There’s lots of different things that are in it, but they’re much more foundational than aspirational.”   

Despite not including the “exciting things” like new academic buildings and dormitories, Impact 360 has brought a lot to Lipscomb. 

Kim Chaudoin, Vice President of marketing and communications for Lipscomb, spoke about Impact 360 and how she has seen Lipscomb flourish in just a short time. 

“One of the wonderful things about having a strategic plan is that it elevates our priorities so that we all know what they are,” said Chaudoin. “It helps us really focus on what we’re doing and really puts the student experience first so that we keep in mind what the important things are and just helps guide our work every day.” 

“The best thing about Impact 360 is having a cohesive plan that the entire Lipscomb community has spoken into,” said Chaudoin. “To me it’s like a road map that we all have that we’re following in the same direction.”