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    Tunes and Lunatics: Could the return of a pep band be the next step for Lipscomb’s rising student section?

    In late September, you may have gotten an email from Lipscomb Athletics, reading “Lipscomb Basketball Pep Band Interest Form”. When you click on the link to the form you then begin to read this: “The Lipscomb University pep band will embark on its inaugural season this year! If you are interested in learning how to contribute to the electric atmosphere of Allen Arena during the 2023-24 Bison basketball season, complete the form below and we will follow up in the coming weeks about the first interest meeting.” Yes, you read that right. An official Lipscomb pep band is coming to basketball games beginning with the upcoming 2023-2024 season. Lipscomb used…

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    A Lipscomb pep band comeback?

    The atmosphere in Allen Arena is about to change drastically. According to Landon Parrish, Special Assistant to President McQueen, Lipscomb University will have a full-fledged band playing at every basketball game this year. Parrish says, “Without a band, Allen arena just feels empty during games. You can fill dead air during timeouts and transitions with piped-in music from a computer along with the cheer team, but there’s just something missing.” This wouldn’t be the first time Allen Arena’s court is met with live music. Since 2001, the university has had different versions of a band at many games. Parrish has been there to see all of them. The history starts…